• Know About 7 Small Things That May Cause Serious Issues For Your Website Users

    If your company / business website is going to generate a good stream of sales and potential customer leads then you need to deliver a great user experience (UX) or User Interface. Your website visitors are frustrated and impatient if they’ve been searching online for a while for something that they badly need, may be any service or products but they do not get that. Now in this scnario think, if your website is easily acceceble, products shows up properly everything in place then there is very less possibility that they go back from your website.

    Here comes the question of high end design, clear view of your service / products informations to your home page. So that visitors at a glance can grab that and got to call back you for discussions.

    We are highly expart in this field and we understand how to represent your business details at home page along with some inner pages. So that your visitor easily find data and tend to call you back. You can talk with us about this matter, we will be happy to assist you.

    It’s better if you know a bit about some small things that can become very big obstacles to generate your potential customers.

    – Broken internal links.
    – External links that don’t open in a new browser window.
    – Hard to find your business phone number, or not clearly identified as the one for prospects to call.
    – No sub menus for navigating deep into the website content.
    – Contact form with unnecessary required fields.
    – Limited anchor text — mobile users in particular have a hard time clicking on links with only a word or two of anchor text.
    – No internal search function.

    We can fix these all issues if you have same problem to your existing website. Call Us Now – (856) 777-8274

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