• Have a Physical Address to Start Local SEO

    It might be appealing to take a shortcuts with SEO, but it will not work untill and unless you have a Phisical
    Address. Cause sometimes business owners tend to do local seo with out any physical address. Better to avoid that.

    Google wants to show up its users accurate information about where businesses are located in the neighbourhood of
    the user location. To get Google My Business local results without a physical address is just breaking Google’s
    guidelines. Local citations play a very important role in making your Google my business page more visible and
    it’s hold a raking factor too.

    Suitable Part of Google’s guidelines include the following:

    – A business must make in-person contact with it’s customer during it’s stated hours.

    – With respect to the address:

    If you rents a temporary “virtual” office to different address from your primary business location, do not create
    a page for that location unless it is staffed during your general business hours.

    If you have a service related business that serve customers at their locations like Plumbing business, Appliance repair service etc. one page you can create for your central office. And then allot a service area from that central office.

    If your business does not go with these location guidelines, then still you can run a standard SEO campaign. Then you need to use a title tag and body content targeting the city or location keyword. But remember this is not an ideal situation. Having a physical location address adds integrity and allows for creation of local business profile links on local websites and blogs.

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